Aquilea - UNESCO World Heritage Site

The ancient town of Aquilea was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in1998. Now there is no need to travel to Rome to find out about the costumes, culture and daily routines of the ancient Romans because all of that can be discovered when you take a pleasant walk with me around Aquilea. Here one can view some of the most beautiful sights of this archeological excavation area, which was once one of the largest and wealthiest cities in the Early Roman Empire and continued to be of importance in early Christianity.
Wandering around Aquilea, we will visit the Roman Forum, the river port, the necropolis, ancient roadside tombs, other residential buildings of importance, and the Duomo. The floor of the Basilica is covered with well-preserved mosaics of unimaginable beauty. I will tell you stories of how the Roman imperial residence was transformed into a Christian patriarchal seat. I am also happy to accompany you to the National Archeological Museum and show you the most interesting exhibits in the museum’s collection.