My favourite places

Castello di Miramare

A visit to the Miramare castle is worthy of particular attention because of the quality and richness of the monuments and the picturesque landscape in which it sits. This elegantly looking white castle, with commanding views over the Gulf of Trieste, is surrounded by a landscaped park that is home to a variety of rare and beautiful trees and plants imported by ship from all over the world. Inside the castle walls, visitors can stroll through the numerous rooms once inhabited by Archduke Massimiliano I d’Asburgo and his wife Carlotta del Belgio, ending in the stunning “Sala del Trono”.
It will be my pleasure to guide you in the unveiling of this enchanting world and tell you stories about daily life from that time. Both the fortunate and unfortunate personal happenings in the life of the Archduke and his wife’s, including his execution in Mexico, along with her mental illness, seclusion, and subsequent death.

Additional Offer

Every year from June to September there is the additional offer to take a trip from Trieste to Grignano Bay on board the Delfino Verde motorboat.
I warmly recommend taking this opportunity to spend a morning visiting the city on foot followed by an afternoon taking a boat trip to visit the Miramare castle. There you can enjoy my exclusive guided tour of the castle and its enchanting surroundings.

The Historical Residence of Barone Pasquale Revoltella

Barone Revoltella was a financier who promoted the economic and cultural development of Trieste in the 19th century and played a crucial role in the financing and construction of the Suez Canal. Upon his death, he bequeathed most of his wealth and estate to the city of Trieste and its residents.


Antico Caffè San Marco

A visit to Trieste would be incomplete without going to the magical Caffè San Marco. This famous caffè is a wonderful place to relax and unwind at any time of the day whilst enjoying a coffee or tasting one of the delicious meals on offer.
Part of the caffè’s charm is its unique and mostly original interior decoration, similar in style to the Art Nouveau period. Upon entering the mahogany wood paneled room one immediately breathes in the atmosphere of the past. This Vienna style caffè was inaugurated on January 3rd 1914 and is steeped in local history. It became a meeting place for many well-known writers such as Umberto Saba, Italo Svevo and James Joyce. Even today the place is known as a literary caffè where intellectuals, artists and writers meet. The library inside gives the opportunity to browse through books without buying or borrowing them. Various events such as book presentations and wine tasting often take place at the caffè.


From Trieste to Muggia on the Delfino Verde Motorboat

Muggia is a charming fishing village across from the Gulf of Trieste. On our tour we take a short journey on the Delfino Verde motorboat to reach it.
Standing at the central Piazza Marconi one can admire the Duomo with its beautiful Gothic façade as well as a number of little narrow streets called calli that branch off from the main square. These calli evoke the Venetian past of this beautifully picturesque maritime town and connect the mandracchio with the surrounding area. The location of this small harbor, mandracchio, shelters it from the coastal storms and the bora wind gales.
High above the harbor raises the imposing Castello di Muggia. Its owners, the Bossi family, restored the castle with great sacrifice and determination, furnishing it with numerous works of art. The sight of Trieste from the castle is a unique and breathtaking experience.